Veteran Tournament
Event Date:  Friday evening, 10/15
Entries close, Weds., 9/01 Entry Fee:  $25
Event Chair:   Ruth Levesque

This event will be a showcase of our very special veteran dogs and bitches.  This is a wonderful opportunity to honor these veterans who have contributed so much to our future.

This is a competitive event judged by a panel of three judges using a point scale.  All malamutes at least 8 years of age are invited to participate and compete in their age group, divided by sex.

Each entrant will only compete with dogs or bitches within their own age group with the selection of ONE WINNER PER AGE GROUP.  There will NOT be an ULTIMATE WINNER since we feel that each veteran is special and deserves recognition.

Each entrant will be awarded a personalized commemorative keepsake for their participation.


Tournament Entry Form must be submitted for each entrant.

The form must be sent to:

Ruth Levesque electronically at OR

mailed to P O Box 667, Tolland, CT 06084-0667

Questions?  Email Ruth or call 860-871-9001

Payment must be made by one of the methods as stated

on the entry form.

  • PayPal option

  • Send checks to Ruth Levesque (address on form)