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RV Parking

The 2023 RV Parking Chairs are
Nicole Guzman Colburn & Sharon Weston.


QUESTIONS contact:

Nicole Guzman Colburn 

(971) 506-0755

*See form for payment options   

Click for form

Reservation must be submitted according to instructions on the form.
Deadline: 9/30/23

RV parking fee is $60 a night (This price includes electricity & water).

There is a dump station on site and a pumping service will be available at your expense. ONLY vehicle registered under reservation will be allowed to use power.

Awnings and EZ Ups are allowed. XPens are allowed ONLY with plastic liners. All plastic and shavings must be picked up before leaving.

To reserve an RV parking space please fill out the form and send it to Nicole Guzman Colburn. Either send the form by mail or fill out the form online then email it to 

If you are paying with PayPal please write your transaction number at the bottom of your RV form before sending it in. 

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