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Equipment Rental

Deadline: 10/14/22

Arrangements have been made for a limited number of crates both 36" ($40.00 for the week) and 42" ($50.00 for the week), grooming tables with arm ($50.00 for the week), and high velocity blow dryers ($50.00 for the week) that will be available to rent.  The rental of equipment is being provided as a service to our members at a considerable discount compared to the cost incurred by the Show Committee.  In order to recoup some of the costs, we will be offering these items to the membership through a method still to be determined (sale, raffle or auction). To rent an item please fill out the form below, pay with the PayPal button, and email the form to Justin. 

For more information regarding Equipment Rental (pricing, pickup and drop off dates, etc.) please contact Justin Scoffield via email at

*Click Image Below to access form*

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