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Auction/challenge baskets 

Again in 2022, Ann Mayberry will be leading up our Auction, Raffle and Challenge Baskets. We are going to try to do things a little different this year. The raffle will work as we are used to with tickets, but the auction items and challenge baskets will be 100% silent, no auctioneer, and controlled through an app on your phone. If you’re not real phone savvy, like some of your show staff, find the closest teenager to help. This will allow
people to find out instantly when they have been out bid. We are also going to have some fun with the challenge baskets. This year, the team/group/member/country,
that provides the basket that sells for the highest amount will be awarded with up to a 20% discount on logowear items. The 2022 National Team has a 500-series crate already half full of good stuff and we haven’t even added a bottle of one of 400+ microbrew beverages in Colorado (yet). Ann will be asking friends, family, and complete strangers to donate items. Auction items can even be services. All donations will be greatly appreciated. As items come in, we will start posting a list and pictures.

If you have any questions contact Ann at or 770-393-8936

*Please send items, money, or whatever else to Rob Pratt at 15355 Buckland Ct. - Elbert CO, 80106 or 719-495-0632

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